Business Woman of the Month

Meet Brittney Young and J.Denelle our June Business Women of the Month! Recently, these ladies got candid with us and shared their journey in starting one of Atlanta’s newest book clubs! Check out more below!


Meet the creators of Books and bordeaux

Books and Bordeaux™ is an Atlanta based Book Club uniting a powerful variety of women in the name of reading. We pride ourselves on providing brown women with shared interest, ages 25- 40, with an outlet to journey together through reflections and connections over best sellers and bold wines.  In addition to our success being well executed themed meetings for the past 29 months, we are very proud of our feature write up in Voyage Magazine Atl. It’s important that we shine a spotlight on our positive image to counteract the negative image that are far too present on TV and social media. We want to show that a group of black women from diverse backgrounds can come together and share in positive and constructive dialogue. 


Books and Bordeaux  specializes in curating an experience that provides a place for well-read brown women to share their love for reading in a small group setting. Since 2016, Atlanta has been the perfect city to build our foundation. We have a built-in support system of friends and businesses that have all embraced our idea with open arms. We can be found spreading #BLACKGIRLMAGIC in some of our city’s most beloved and trendy venues.  Most recently, Art Box Atl hosted our May 2019 read, the debut Novel by Zora Neale Hurston, Jonah’s Gourd Vine, which sparked in-depth conversations about art, community, current politics, classism and sexism. We suggest like minds stay connected and in the know by following us on Instagram @booksandbordeaux. In the near future, we’re looking forward to introducing the BooksandBordeaux way to women globally through member expansion. 



THiS MONth WE’re celebrating our two year anniversary. running a book club has been quite the adventure. what advice would you offer to ladies interested in starting their own book club?

Our advice for starting your own club of like minded individuals is pretty simple: 

1. Don’t overthink it 

2. Find your niche - we love fellow readers such as @wellreadblackgirl @prettygirlslovebooks and @booksbrunchandblackwomen because of the unique perspectives they offer 

3. Be consistent 

4. Have fun!

What book would you recommend that made a difference in your path to business ownership (or being a successful black woman)?


One of our collective recommendations  would be ‘Love Warrior’ by Glennon Doyle Melton. One of our very first reads, this memoir/meeting not only shaped what has now become our signature style, it reinforced that we are all born to be a warriors: strong, powerful and brave.